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The Fana Trading Company for mining is one of the most reliable and trusted names in producing high quality calcium carbonate in Saudi Arabia.

We are using the latest Grinding and packaging technology to ensure our products are at the highest standards.

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest particle size analyzers for quality control assurance.

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We are Offering high quality calcium carbonate CaCO3
Check out our products: Uncoated Calcium Carbonate and Coated Calcium Carbonate

Uncoated Calcium Carbonate

Uncoated Calcium Carbonate with its chemical formula as CaCO3 is commonly taken into use as a filler with a stimulating ratio performance/price. Such a filler is appropriate for Paint, Rubber, PVC, Adhesive and etc. It is available in the form of slurry, powder and cake.

  • It is used in Paint, PVC, Rubber and Adhesive Industry as an extender
  • As an active ingredient in cosmetic industry
  • For orthopedic use in hardening of plasters
  • In chemical industry in the preparation of chemicals
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Coated Calcium Carbonate

Coated Calcium Carbonate is used in ISI and non-ISI Grade products as filler in UPVC Pipe, PVC compounds, Decorative Paints, Slippers, PVC sheets.

This product can also be known as Calcium Carbonate Activated, stearic acid coated calcium carbonate, uncoated calcium carbonate, Micronized Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate Powder in Udaipur, Calcite Powder, Egyptian Calcium Carbonate Powder, Egyptian Calcium Carbonate Powder, Marble Powder.

Calcium Carbonate Powder, Vietnam Calcium Carbonate, GCC Paper Grade Calcium Carbonate, Natural Calcium Carbonate.

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